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Below you'll find links to all my appearances in Podcasts, on Radio and other articles across the web.  

Pod 187: Collecting with Toy Polloi 
Ever been scared to play with a vintage toy? Nervous to try to fix an old Dinky? Dave of the YouTube channel Toy Polloi shares his philosophy that toys were made to be played with! In the world of collecting, Dave recommends doing whatever provides one with the most enjoyment – as toys don’t last forever! Plus, he reveals the Holy Grail of Anderson toys, tips for beginning collecting, and explains how the senses play into the nostalgic experience. It’s 2022, but the latest edition of the Gerry Anderson Podcast still has all your favourites like the Randomiser, FAB Facts, and the latest news!

Pod 186: Fun and Games with Toy Polloi! 
The Gerry Anderson Podcast is getting the new year off to a great start with Toy Polloi, an expert on vintage toys! His YouTube channel is closing in on 50,000 subscribers and includes videos on Star Wars toys, He-Man toys, Action Man toys…and toys from multiple Gerry Anderson series! In this episode, Dave explains why he prefers Space:1999 to Thunderbirds and why he thinks Terrahawks is worth watching if you haven’t checked it out before. Plus, Terry Adlam is back in the studio for more New Year’s hijinks, shenanigans, and tomfoolery!

Fantha Tracks Interview
It’s our great pleasure to welcome vintage toy collector, restorer and YouTuber Dave of Toy Polloi to Fantha Tracks.

Build Your Own Cubes from Terrahawks 
Have you ever wanted your own Cubes from Terrahawks? The nice folks over at the Toy Polloi YouTube channel have a bit of a penchant for Terrahawks, but this time they’ve taken it one step further by creating a video about how to make your very own Cubes from Terrahawks.

Restoration YouTube will bring you deep into an internet rabbit hole
YouTube rabbit holes are an inescapable reality of the internet. You go to the site with one clip in mind and those damn thumbnails pique your interest enough to make you click on another video, and another, and another. 

Glastonbury FM interview with Toy Polloi

An interview hosted by Alan Philpot for Glastonbury FM about running a YouTube channel. Listen to the full interview on SoundCloud

Podcast Interview with The Vintage Rebellion

The Vintage Rebellion Podcast
Be warned, this is a very long podcast and interview.  My interview starts at 3 hours 50 mins.

Interview with
In my never ending quest to interview cool people doing cool things around the world I’m bringing you today an interview with Dave who is the mastermind behind the Youtube Channel Toy Polloi who does some really great restoration videos as well as general toy videos. 

Star Wars mystery solved by University of Nottingham's X-ray scanner

BBC News website
A man had a box containing a mystery Star Wars figure X-rayed by a university in the hope it was worth thousands of pounds.


When I chat to people who don't collect vintage Star Wars toys they all tend to think that it must be an expensive hobby as they have seen news reports about a rare Star Wars toy that just sold for thousands of pounds. And I think this puts many people off from getting started collecting. A recent example of this was when a very rare carded Boba Fett figure sold for £18,000 at auction.

If you are visiting Japan you will inevitably see Gashapon (or Gachapon) machines lined up outside shops, in doorways, actually you are probably standing next to one right now!

Grading of action figures was not something I had looked into until recently. I had certainly seen graded figures for sale and that they often commanded a higher price than ungraded figures, but didn't really see why.

If you grew up in the 1980s then you will probably remember Penny Racers. Produced by Takara and released in the US and UK from the early to mid 80s, Penny Racers were a cheap pocket money level toy with a neat gimmick.

An area that gets discussed a lot amongst Star Wars toy collectors is reproduction weapons. Good or bad, they are an increasingly common part of collecting.

If you had brothers and sisters growing up then the best way to make sure that your toys and books always came back to you was to write your name on them somewhere.


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