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Toy Polloi has been running for two and a half years and is proving popular with fellow toy collectors and restorers across the world.


Each week I upload videos showing tips and tricks on how to restore your vintage toys and reviews of toys you may have long forgotten.


Kenner Star Millennium Falcon

I'd had the empty shell of a Star Wars Millennium Falcon in my 'to fix' pile for quite a while and thought it was time I did another charity auction. So over a few months and a few videos I went about taking the empty shell and restoring it to a fully working falcon.

Vintage Kenner Slave One

After the success of my first charity auction I decided I would do another. A while back the guys over at GeekForce had sent me the remains of a vintage Kenner Slave One that they had no use for. As usual it was missing a few bits and needed a good clean and some fixing.

Fisher Price X-Ray Man

That's a good question! Toy Polloi started in January 2014 after I had a chat with friend and fellow Youtuber James from He persuaded me that what I did as a hobby would be of interest to other people and that I should start to show off my vintage toy collection and how I fix them.

Toy Polloi Charity Star Wars X-wing

On a recent trip to a flea market I picked up the remains of a vintage Star Wars Kenner X-wing. It was missing all parts and was very dirty with tatty stickers. But it looked like it could be fixed, and that's what I like.


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