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Vintage Kenner Slave One

After the success of my first charity auction I decided I would do another. A while back the guys over at GeekForce had sent me the remains of a vintage Kenner Slave One that they had no use for. As usual it was missing a few bits and needed a good clean and some fixing.

So like with the X-wing restoration I set about taking the ship apart, cleaning it, and fixing any broken parts. All filmed to be part of a restoration video on my YouTube channel.

Watch the full restoration here

The finished ship looked lovely, but then disaster struck. I was getting ready to take some photos of it for the auction and I dropped it, arrrgh.  Normally these ships don't mind the odd drop or prang but this time I wasn't so lucky and I managed to crack the cockpit glass. I was not happy.

I posted a picture of my mishap on the Toy Polloi Facebook page as it was such a shame. And would you believe I was almost immediately offered a spare cockpit glass by a very kind Daniel Emery.

Once this arrived I was able to finish the ship and start another blind bids auction. This time for the Brain Tumour Charity.

The winning bid was a very generous £51.01 from Tristan Howden.

With more ships lying around in my spares box, I will be doing another auction in the near future.


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