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Toy Polloi has been running for two and a half years and is proving popular with fellow toy collectors and restorers across the world.


Each week I upload videos showing tips and tricks on how to restore your vintage toys and reviews of toys you may have long forgotten.


As you all may know, Toy Polloi is just me, Dave. I sit in my toy room fixing and restoring vintage toys and making videos on how to do this so that you can do restore your own toys. In the evenings I chat and respond to the messages I receive via social media and give as much help and advice as I can to other peoples restoration projects.


Up until now I have been filming and editing this with some very basic equipment, my desk lamp, a piece of white card, and a second hand video camera. I'd like to improve what I do and make the videos bigger and better.


A better camera, proper lighting, a microphone, and a new piece of white card, things like that.


Now with the help of Patreon, Fans of Toy Polloi can pledge a small amount of money on a per video basis that can then be used to improve the videos and keep the projects coming.


So if you enjoy watching Toy Polloi and want to help support me and the time and effort that goes into running this channel, you now can.


And as a bonus, anyone who supports me via Patreon will get free access to all the paid for PDF files on


I'd like to say a big thank you to all the people who have helped me so far, and to everyone for watching and joining in with the channel.


Find out more on Toy Polloi's Pateron page.


Thanks for watching.





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