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I don't collect old toys, I don't restore old toys but boy do I love watching your videos.

Indianevans (YouTube)

I just love your videos. The combination of nostalgia, useful instructions and your personality make them great fun to watch. Thanks for taking us along as you do this.

Artistic Amnesia (YouTube)


Congrats on an awesome You Tube channel. Your tutorials are informative and exactly the correct length to keep the viewer interested.

Stephen D'Alton (Facebook)

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! I was pointed to your channel highly recommended from RetroBlasting.

thegreatsamurai82 (YouTube)

Absolutely love these video's! i'm really finding them useful, picking up loads of tips so thanks man.

007spikedog (YouTube)

I love your reviews! They're informative and relaxing; you have a very tranquil voice and are quite thorough in your descriptions and repairs. Nice work.

Kaien Lloyd (Facebook)

This is amazing! Pretty great idea, I actually love this concept and the way in which you developed it. I love it!! ... Awesome videos!! Please keep them comming.

Esteban Rodríguez (YouTube)

Really enjoy your videos Toy Polloi!  Your passion for these pieces comes across and every video is informative, nostalgic and creative.  Keep up the great work

JurassicCollectables (YouTube)

As all the things you do, this is a masterpiece. Amazing, awesome. Keep the videos up, man. I really have a good time watching them.  Btw, That ToyPolloi sticker on the bottom looks great!

Esteban Rodríguez (YouTube)

You make awesome videos

Jackson Ballard (YouTube)

Cracking restoration by the way. I have several unrestored Eagles that you have inspired me to look at again. ... Thanks for that. Brilliant videos and I have subscribed to watch the rest of your videos later.

Mark Keen (YouTube)

Many thanks for this advice. It's taken me just over 24 hours to de-yellow an old stinking vintage Stormtrooper with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide. ... Great stuff and keep up the excellent videos!

Simon Worley (YouTube)


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